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Here's How to Snap the Most Adorable Photos of Your Pets

Whether you are running a doggy Instagram or just want to have treasured memories of your beloved pet, getting good pics is a staple of any pet owner’s life. If you struggle with getting your pet to look at the camera, or even just sit still for a moment, here are some great tips for becoming a pet photography master!


Who isn’t food motivated these days?

It may seem obvious to use food as motivation for your pets to look lovingly into the camera, but did you know that there are many products out there designed just for this? Tennis ball ring lights, peanut butter mats that stick to your wall, and treat bags designed to hold lots of different treats on the go. Think about creative ways to incorporate your pets favourite foods into your photography session.


Learn to be handy with a smartphone

Most Australians will be snapping pics of their pets on their smartphones, so don’t worry if you don’t have professional gear for your photography session. Since taking photos of pets can be so challenging, it’s a great idea to get familiar with your phone’s camera settings. Using night mode, portrait mode and adjusting exposure are all super easy and user-friendly ways to make your pictures come out sharp and looking professional.


Accessorise and add some fun

Gone are the days when clothes for your pets were pretentious and silly. Now, giving your dog a little jacket or some fancy boots is an excellent way to make people ooh and ahh when they see your pictures. For cats, try crocheting a little hat- you might find that your Instagram likes will go sky high.


Get in the picture with them

It’s a guarantee that your dog loves the sight of your face more than a camera lens. Use a friend or a self-timer and get in the photos with your dog or cat for an authentic and loving image that you will treasure for years.


So get moving on making new memories with your pet, and use these tips to look like a professional!



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