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Melbourne’s BEST Dog-Friendly Beaches

Australia is well-known and loved for its beautiful beaches. In the scorching sunshine of the summer, nothing’s better than a dip in the ocean to cool off. And what’s better than a day outdoors with your favourite companion? Change up your dog's exercise routine with a trip to the beach at one of Melbourne's many dog-friendly beaches this summer!


Sandridge Dog Beach, Port Melbourne

Sandridge Beach spans 500 metres, of which over 200 metres is accessible to dogs off-leash all year round. Regulations vary for other areas of the beach. Although surrounded by piers and port facilities, this beach still remains attractive. With plenty of free parking, a large playground and barbeque areas, this beach is quite accessible with plenty to do for everyone in the family!


Sandown Street Beach, Brighton

This beach is perhaps one of Melbourne’s most well-known dog beaches; it’s even known by an alternative name, Brighton Dog Beach! With its ideal location close to the CBD and just a short walk away from Brighton cafes and stores, owners can appreciate the city views and a coffee while they take their pup out for a swim. This beach is also very shallow, meaning that your smaller dogs or less water-confident ones can still enjoy the ocean (and you don’t have to get too wet if a toy drifts off).


Altona Dog Beach, Altona

This shallow beach offers an expansive space for your dogs to enjoy if they may not be a fan of deep water, or if your dog simply enjoys playing by themselves. For the owners, this location provides lovely views of the CBD, Williamstown, and Port Phillip Bay. Open all year, this beach is the perfect spot to let your pup frolic freely at any time.

St Kilda Dog Beach, St Kilda

St Kilda is a very popular spot for dog owners and dog lovers, with three dog-friendly beaches in one location – West Beach, St Kilda Harbour, and St Kilda Beach foreshore. West Beach and St Kilda Harbour provide 24-hour off-leash zones for your furry companions to enjoy, 365 days of the year! If you’re at West Beach, you can also extend your visit to the dog-friendly West Beach Pavilion for some beautiful views as you dine.


Elwood Beach, Elwood

Elwood foreshore is equipped with walking paths, bike paths, barbeque areas, restaurants, kiosks, and of course, zones that welcome dogs! From April to October, dogs are allowed off-leash at all times. From November to March, dogs are only allowed at the Northern end and are to be off leash only between 5:30 pm and 9:30 am. From November to March dogs are also prohibited from the southern end of the beach.


So, with plenty of options, where are you taking your furry friend this summer? As you take your pups out and about, be sure to adhere to the rules of each beach, as some rules may vary between them. And ensure that your pets are hydrated and effectively protected from the sun.


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