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Ongoing 30% off flea, worm, tick and heartworm protection, every month. Protect your pet 365 days a year. Join 1000’s of pet lovers getting protection delivered monthly, when pet's due. Free delivery It’s that simple!"

healthy pets

have 365 day a year
flea, worm, heartworm
& tick protection

delivered monthly

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what people are saying

"I care about my dogs health and this service really helps."

Evan, NSW

"This is sooo much easier."

Liz, VIC

" ... I'm not confused anymore. This covers everything."

Rebecca, SA

"Great idea, I'm in."

Tanya, QLD

"Knowing my dog is parasite free gives me peace of mind."

Monique, VIC

"Loving the $$$ savings."

Max, NSW

"No more 'oops I forgot'."

Paula, VIC

"This service takes out the guesswork."

Jess, NSW

"One less thing to remember."

Serena, VIC

which protection pack?

Which parasite protection pack does our vet recommend and how much does it cost?

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forget again

Protect on time every time

Gone are the days of sorting through cupboards or dashing to the vet to purchase flea, tick, and worm treatment. With PLC, we’ll deliver complete, personalised pet protection to your doorstep every month, so you can treat your pet when they’re due.

complete simple

Our veterinarian recommended
complete protection, fully
protects your pet

Most major brands don’t kill flea tapeworm or hydatid tapeworm, both common in Australian pets. We protect your pet from both!

why 'join up' your pet

thousands of pets get parasite protection home delivered each month

simple choice

Make the confusing, really simple. You’ll never again, ask yourself the questions…… Which parasites does it cover? When is it due? Is it safe for my pet? Our protection plans have all that covered.

veterinary recommendation

Quality and safety guarantee. Our veterinary formulated and recommended products are APVMA approved and our vets and vet nurses can answer your questions. Guaranteed peace of mind.

personalised protection

Give our vets information about your pet and where you live, and they’ll recommend the right parasite protection plan for your pet. They’ll receive personalised protection.

save 30% every month

We cut out the middle man. No retail chain or vet clinic profit margins and no fancy stuff. We just provide high quality monthly protection with great pricing and free delivery right to your door.

highest quality products

We've carefully selected the highest quality Australian Government approved products with the latest ingredient innovations.

protect your family

The idea of fleas, lice or mites being on your carpet, on the couch or in your beds makes us itch at the thought of it. This can be easily avoided.

free delivery

free delivery

money back guarantee

money back guarantee

choose start date

choose start date

APVMA approved

APVMA approved

cancel anytime

cancel anytime

proudly Australian

proudly Australian

how it works

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tell us about your pet

just a few clicks so we can get to know them

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get instant vet recommendation

personalised protection considers your location

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choose protection

what’s right for you and your pet

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it's delivered monthly

choose a start date and cancel anytime

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healthy happy protected pet

veterinary supported monthly protection

which protection pack?

Which parasite protection pack does our vet recommend and how much does it cost?

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why protect from fleas, ticks and worms

itchy pet? it could be fleas!
parasites drain energy, compromise immunity, cause allergies and even death. don’t leave your pet unprotected

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Adult flea

Flea tapeworm

Flea eggs

Flea larvae

Flea allergy


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Heartworm Disease

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Paralysis Ticks

Brown Dog Ticks

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Hydatid Tapeworm

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Biting Lice

Ear Mites (for cats)

is this you?

“I don’t give flea, worm and tick treatment when its due”

“I’m not really sure which parasites I protect against”

“I want complete protection at a good price”

the solution is simple …

Monthly delivery of personalised, vet recommended, high quality, well priced products that cover ALL parasites in my area and keeps my dogs and cats health protected 365 days a year.

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