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Flea Facts That Will Have you Wishing you Started Flea Control Sooner
Blood Suckers, Back Jumpers, Fur Vaulters, whatever you want to call them, Fleas. Are. Nasty. Not only are they out on the prowl, ready to nestle w... read more
Congratulations, it’s a Puppy!
So we heard that you have a new addition to the family. A sweet, small and cuddly bundle of joy that has you saying  hello to peaceful days, and dr... read more
The Quick and Easy trick to Prevent Flea and Flea Tapeworm in Dogs and Cats
How Pet Lovers Club can help protect your four-legged friend from all the nasties while improving the quality of their life. Link to pet info capt... read more
Heartworm Disease in Dogs and Cats
Heartworm can be a significant cause of disease in dogs and less commonly in cats. The transmission of heartworm differs to intestinal worms, as ou... read more
Paralysis Ticks and Brown Dog Ticks in Dogs and Cats
Ticks of different varieties are found throughout Australia. The most common types of ticks are the paralysis tick, bush tick, cattle tick and the ... read more
Intestinal Worms, including Flea Tapeworm in Dogs and Cats
Intestinal worms are a group of internal parasites that can cause your dog or cat serious discomfort and compromise their health.  They are commonl... read more
Fleas and Flea Tapeworm in Dogs and Cats
Fleas are a very common parasite that can affect your pets. If not controlled, fleas can bite your pet’s skin and cause irritation, itching, over g... read more

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