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2023’s Hottest Pet Health Trends

With the new year upon us, it’s time to start thinking about the pet health trends that we can look forward to in 2023. From advances in home-delivered nutrition and parasite protection to innovative care practices, here’s a quick overview of what this year has in store for our furry friends.


Pet Wearables

Wearable technology has come a long way since it first hit the market back in 2015. Nowadays, there are countless wearables available that track your pet’s activity levels, heart rate, temperature, stress levels, etc., enabling you to monitor your pet’s health in real time. Wearables can also be used to monitor food intake and water consumption so that you can ensure your pet is getting enough nutrients throughout the day. Pet GPS trackers are also an increasingly popular pet wearable, especially for cats and dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors.   


3D Printing Technology

3D printing technology has been gaining ground over recent years due to its ability to create customised medical devices at a fraction of the cost of traditional manufacturing methods. This technology is being utilised by veterinarians around the world in order to create prosthetics for dogs with missing limbs or damaged joints. The first pet to have 3D-printed prosthetics was in 2014, when a dog in South Carolina was given a pair of prosthetic front paws. 3D printing has become a lot more accessible than it was in 2014. By using 3D printing technology, these prosthetics can be produced quickly and at an affordable cost which can make life easier for both owners and their beloved companions alike! Vets also use 3D printing when preparing for surgery, by printing specific internal areas of the patient to practice the procedure beforehand.


Innovative Care Practices

Beyond diagnosis and treatment, there are plenty of other ways that pet owners can keep their fur babies healthy this year. More veterinary clinics are offering alternative treatments like acupuncture and massage therapy as part of their services, which can be especially helpful for pets with chronic pain or anxiety issues. There’s also been an increase in home care services such as grooming and bathing assistance, which allows busy pet owners to make sure their pets stay clean even when they don’t have the time for a full spa day at the vet clinic! 


Delivery-Based Pet Care

Delivery-based pet health is also increasing in popularity. Having pet care products, including pet food and parasite protection delivered to your door is super convenient for busy pet owners. One of Australia’s leading pet parasite prevention services is Pet Lovers Club. Pet Lovers Club sends a personalised pet parasite protection package to your door every month. Never forget your fluffy friend’s parasite protection again, and it is up to 30% cheaper than options available at the vet clinic or pet store! Subscriptions to bespoke pet food services are also set to be big in 2023, with many brands offering specialised food to suit your dog or cat’s needs.


As you can see, there are plenty of exciting technologies emerging on the horizon when it comes to keeping your pets healthy and happy well into 2023! From home-delivered pet parasite protection and pet food, wearable technology that monitors your pet's vitals, to 3D printing technology allowing animals to live more comfortable lives– 2023 is sure to be an interesting year when it comes to taking care of our four-legged family members! Being aware of these trends will help you stay ahead of curve when it comes time for making decisions about how best take care of your beloved pets now and into next year!


By Sarah Panther

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