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5 Tips to Helping Your Dog and Cat Get Along

Dogs and cats are notorious for not getting along. However, many pet owners want to have both a cat and a dog in their family. Making your cat and dog get along is no easy task, but it can be done if you use some techniques that create a safe environment for all your furry friends. Here are five tips to get your pets on the right track for a harmonious household:


Give them Space

Cats are territorial creatures, so it’s important that you give your dog and cat separate spaces in the house where they can feel safe and have some alone time. For cats, this is where you should put their litter box and a bed- try to restrict your dog’s access to this area.

For your dog, give them some toys that can’t be taken over by the cat, so your dog has a space to play in peace.


Introduction is Key

As we all know first impressions are important. Introducing your cat and dog in the right way is a great way to grow a friendly relationship from the start. Let your pets become accustomed to each others scents before meeting in person and take your time before letting them meet without supervision. Having your cat and dog spend some time on opposite sides of a cracked door is a great way to begin their friendship.


Prevent Resource Guarding

Try to keep your pet’s resources separate so you don’t make them feel threatened for basic needs. For instance, keep their food bowls on opposite sides of your home, so that each pet can have access to food without feeling like it could be stolen! Separate toys, grooming tools and water bowls is also a good way to avoid conflict.


Young Pets Get Along

If you know that you want both a dog and a cat, consider getting them young! Puppies and kittens are much easier to socialise with other animals than fully grown pets, so think about bringing them home together.


Train your Dog

In a dual pet home, it's important that your dog is well behaved, as cats will react much better in a calmer environment. Think about crate training your dog, so that if they get over-stimulated, they have a place to calm down that will reduce stress for your cat.



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