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Cat Walk

Everyone who knows anything about dogs will be aware of the fact that dogs need a high level of care and attention. One particular aspect of their care practices is taking them on walks. Dogs are notorious for being excitable as soon as they hear the word ‘walk’. This activity is not only limited to dogs though! Many cats love being outside; you can take them out to explore the gardens, parks, and whatever else they can get their paws on while outdoors. And just like dogs, many cats love being taken on walks too!

If your cat simply enjoys being outside, and you're looking for a new way to exercise with your cat, walks might be right up your alley. It's important to note, however, that taking your cat for a walk is not quite the same as walking your dog. Cats require a harness if they are going out for a walk, with a leash attached to this harness (unlike a dog’s leash, which merely connects to the collar). Cats are also usually much more apprehensive about going outside and being constrained by a harness and leash. Lots of cats are indoor pets and may not be familiar with being outside. 

It's key that your fur baby’s comfort is put first. If you’re thinking about taking your cat out for a stroll, be sure that that is something your cat wants and is comfortable with. Introduce your cat to the harness and leash at home before you start taking them outside. Once you make it outside, start slow and pay attention to how your cat reacts to things. They can be easily spooked or may just not want to be outside. If any signs of discomfort are noted, don’t try to force it. Some cats adore being taken for walks, but many are truly just indoor animals. Being outside can be frightening and unpleasant for some, and they’d much rather stay in the comfort of their familiar home.

If your cat loves walks, that’s great! It’s a good way for both you and your cat to introduce a little more exercise to your day-to-day activities, and it adds a bonding experience that’s not just cuddling on the couch. Just be sure to be safe, and pay utmost attention to your furry friend as you take your stroll.

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