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Flea Facts That Will Have you Wishing you Started Flea Control Sooner

Blood Suckers, Back Jumpers, Fur Vaulters, whatever you want to call them, Fleas. Are. Nasty. Not only are they out on the prowl, ready to nestle within the thin strands of our four-legged friend’s fur but if they’re really looking for a good time, they might manage to take their party downtown to Humanville. So before you get your fly swatter swinging and insect repellent spraying, take some time to read these five crawly flea facts. We already know that you’re itching to get through them!

  1. Within 21 days, your flea foe can progress through four life stages. 

What came first, the flea or the egg? Once an egg hatches, it becomes larvae and nestles it’s way, feeds on and spins itself a cocoon in your furry friend’s fur, becoming a pupae. The flea then matures into an adult, and is just about ready to lay some more eggs to repeat the process all over again.  

  1. A fur home is simply not enough, they have to nest all over your human home while they’re at it. 

Sure, you can treat and wash your pooch in all the anti-tick and flea shampoos and give them flea and tick treatment correctly, but that’s still not enough to eradicate the tiny flea-mons. You need to go full ghost - I mean - fleabusters to get rid of them. And if vacuuming is the way to go for you, make sure you appropriately dispose of the vacuum bag otherwise the adamant creatures will likely rise from the dead. 

  1. If you’ve got yourself a flea, you’ve got yourself a gold-medal long jump champion.

These little nasty fur vaulters sure have got a spring in their step, with the ability to jump 150 times their body length! Now would be about the right time to purchase several of our flea, tick and worm packs. Go save yourself before it’s too late! 

  1. If we’ve got you scratching right about now don’t stress, just know that your indoor-only pets might be.

Just because your cat is indoor-only, they’re just as susceptible to the transmission and hosting of flea parties than their outdoor counterparts. With that said, some are less at risk than others, with fleas being particularly choosy about their climate and in favour of warm and moist environments.  

  1. It’s flea-breeding season year-round.

Fleas breed incredibly quickly, with about 20,000 hatchlings running around every sixty days. And the scary thing is, is that these little guys could be carriers of several nasty bacteria that neither human or animal want to be infected with.

Moral of the story: if you see one of these creepy crawlers, get them out! Do whatever you have to do to exterminate them before you find yourself victim to a flea and tick infestation, both for yours and your pet’s sake.

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