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How to Keep Your Pets Entertained While You’re at Work

We all wish we could be with our furry friends all the time, don’t we? Any pet parent knows the heartbreaking feeling of having to walk away from your pet every morning when all they want is your attention and love. It’s easy to sympathise, though - we know what it's like to be stuck at home for hours on end with little entertainment and no company. So, how can you keep your pets entertained while you’re away at work? Here are some simple things you can do to make sure your cats and dogs don’t get too bored without you!


Create a playroom

You don’t have to dedicate a whole room for your pet, but if your pet is susceptible to boredom, it may be worth building a play area for them to enjoy. For your cats – get some cat trees or scratchers, cat tunnels, cat balls, or anything else you can think of for them to smack around and stimulate themselves with.


Give them a good view

This may seem a bit mundane to the average person, but anyone with a pet knows that most of them think that there’s nothing more fascinating than what they can’t have – and while you’re away, what they can’t have is time outdoors. Leave the blinds up somewhere they can perch so they can enjoy the view outside, and bird or people watch while they wait for you.


Tire them out

If you have a particularly energetic pup, spending some time with them before you head off to work may be key to reducing any outbursts while you’re away. Taking them on a quick walk or run before you leave, or even just spending some time in the backyard with them could do wonders to release some pent-up energy.


Get them a friend

Being home alone can be lonely. If you have a single pet and are away a lot, it could be worthwhile to get them a friend. This gives them a buddy to play and spend time with when you’re out and can be beneficial to their physical and mental health. Be mindful that it can be difficult to bond pets when they haven’t been adopted together, particularly if there is an age gap or if one is very possessive. However, it is worth the effort to give your pet a companion to help them kill time – plus, who could say no to more pet cuddles?


Get a pet camera

If you feel like splurging, a pet camera could be the perfect option for you. With Petcube, you can get a 1080p HD pet camera to keep an eye on your beloved pet even when you’re away from home. This nifty camera comes with 2-way audio, so you can have a chat with your favourite pet at any time. If you really feel like spoiling your pup or kitten, they even have one with a treat dispenser!


Spoil your pet and cure them of boredom and loneliness while you are out during the day, and make them a happier pet.

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