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Meet Dr. Lydia Matheson!

Hi! I’m Dr Lydia, the Pet Lovers Club lead vet.


Pets, pets and more pets... As a kid growing up in Melbourne, I was lucky enough to be surrounded by animals. Our backyard was home to dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs and we had horses nearby too. It was a childhood with animals that formed my love for all creatures, great and small.


I followed my passion for animals by enrolling in Vet School at the University of Melbourne and graduated with First Class Honours. I met my husband, Christian, at Vet School too and he is a horse vet. 


Over the following years I worked in clinics in Australia and the UK, treating small and large animals. I love learning about how I can improve their health and longevity.


After returning from the UK, I settled in the outer suburbs of Melbourne with space to grow my passion for riding horses. Within a month of starting a new job, my love of felines moved to another level when a stray ginger kitten was surrendered to the clinic. I fell in love with and adopted Brue, my first feline pet. My newfound love for cats and kittens prompted me to do post-grad studies in feline medicine. 


The family has continued to grow with more fur and feathered friends and two little “human” family members too!


I love working as a small animal vet and as the lead Vet at Pet Lovers Club, and I’m pleased to answer any questions at any time.


Dr Lydia

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