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Paws for a Cause: How Dogs Are Saving Water in Regional NSW

We're sure you've heard of guide dogs or police dogs, but did you know that just like us, dogs can have a range of jobs — including becoming water conservation heroes? Joey and Hydro, the springer spaniels, are not just your average canine companions; they are on a mission to save water in regional New South Wales by sniffing out elusive leaks, an extraordinary task that highlights the remarkable capabilities of our four-legged friends!

In a world where climate change and water conservation are critical issues, it's heartening to see innovative solutions emerging. Nicole Harvey's journey, her encounter with Joey the springer spaniel, and their partnership with Hydro, have turned the spotlight on an unconventional but incredibly effective method of preserving precious water resources.

Joey and Hydro, both belonging to Sydney Water, have been trained to detect chlorine and fluoride in drinking water, while steering clear of control samples of rain, dam, and river water. Their ability to find leaks up to 2 meters underground is remarkable! It's this unique skill that makes them invaluable in locating those tiny leaks before they escalate into major problems. In a region where water mains leak twice as much as in the city, their work takes on a critical role in helping local councils conserve water and direct resources into essential projects.

As we enter drier times and water becomes even scarcer, the work Joey and Hydro are doing is more important than ever. They're not just saving water; they're saving money and precious resources. Every drop they conserve has undergone treatment and carries the cost of fluoride addition. Through their extraordinary efforts, we're reminded of the importance of responsible water usage in a changing climate.

Nicole Harvey's journey with Joey, from quitting her job to embarking on this adventure, is a testament to the profound impact that one dog and one dedicated handler can have. Joey isn't just a colleague; he's one in a million! 

In a world full of environmental challenges, Joey, Hydro, and Nicole Harvey are a beacon of hope, demonstrating that innovative solutions can come from the unlikeliest of places, even a dog's nose.

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