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Reverse Adoption

Everyone promotes pet adoption and adores those who get rescues rather than purchasing their furry friend. But has a pet ever reversed the process, and adopted you instead? Most of us have heard someone say, “the cat chooses its person” or a similar phrase, and this idea could not be more true.

While you can get a cat for yourself, this doesn't necessarily guarantee that you will be this cat’s favourite person. While cats often pick their favourite person based on where they get food, treats, shelter and attention, sometimes all of this can mean absolutely nothing to them if they feel a bond with someone else. A feeling of comfort and safety that someone provides can be more than enough for a cat to attach itself to a person. This can also happen at any stage of the cat’s life – there’s no such thing as it being too old to pick you.

There are endless stories of people only having a pet cat because a stray wandered upon them one day and decided to never leave. Lots of people also find their cats through fostering; they plan to put them up for adoption but can’t bear to separate from them after a bond is established. Some cat owners are not even their pet’s favourite person! Their cat may have picked one of their friends, family members, or partner as their preferred person.

Cats are often regarded as introverted or not quite as friendly as dogs, and this is often mistaken for them not being affectionate or capable of companionship. This could not be further from the truth however! Cats can be just as affectionate, needy and friendly as any pup. Many may just need more time to warm up to people, or they may only be interested in the affections and attention from their favourite human. All cat lovers will attest that there’s no warmer feeling than the feeling of being chosen as a cat's favourite person – especially if they are not particularly inclined towards people.




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