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Signs Your Cat Is Showing You Love!

Cats and dogs are different in many ways, and therefore they show their love differently! If you are new to owning a cat, or just want to know if you're kitty loves you as much as you love them, here are some behavioural hints that cats give you to show their affection.


Showing you their belly

Many signals for cats to show they love you start with showing their owners that they feel safe. Cats are territorial creatures, and although they do live in colonies, they like to have an aspect of personal space. This means if your cat likes to roll over and show their belly, it often means they feel safe, loved and secure. A cat’s stomach is the most vulnerable part of their body, and it’s their instinct to protect it, so revealing their furry tummy’s is showing you that they trust you with their safety. Be careful though- it’s not always an invitation to be pet!


Slow Blinking

Another form of cat affection is long, slow blinks. Cats don’t actually communicate to each other in the wild by meowing, and instead rely on body language to convey feelings. Slow blinks are a good indicator that your kitty loves you and is telling you this in cat language.


Bringing you Gifts

Cats essentially think of their humans as big, dumb cats, and so sometimes your pet might try to bring you a gift of food! If your cat often drops bugs, birds or other small creatures on your pillow, it’s because they think you are bad at hunting for food, and they are trying to help you out. It might be a good idea to get your cat a collar with a bell if this loving behaviour is becoming too much.


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