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The Most Common Reasons Why Your Pet Will Need to Visit the Vet

Just like us, our pets get a bit sick from time to time and need a trip to the vet to feel better. From general ongoing care like vaccinations, to something more pressing like issues that come from fleas, ticks and worms, here are the most common reasons for a trip to the vet according to the RSPCA:


1. Flea tick and worm issues

Fleas are a pest to not only your pet, but your entire household, causing much discomfort to everyone. If your pet has worms, they may develop intestinal issues and organ failure. It’s mainly ticks that pet owners should look out for, as some tick bites can be fatal. Regularly protecting your pet and taking them for checkups is the best preventative measure.


2. Vaccinations

Just like how vaccinations are important to our overall wellbeing, the same goes for pets too. For dogs, the core diseases that they should be vaccinated against are:

- Canine distemper virus

- Canine adenovirus (infectious canine hepatitis)

- Canine kennel cough

- Leptospirosis

Get in touch with your vet to see which vaccines are suitable for your pet.


3. Ear Infections

Ear infections very uncomfortable, causing severe itchiness and pain. Ear inflammation is one of the most common medical conditions for dogs, making up a large portion of pet insurance claims in recent years.


4. Cruciate Disease

Usually a very expensive trip to the vet, cruciate disease is the rupture of the cranial cruciate ligament and is a very common orthopaedic condition.


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