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The Most Popular Cat Names

With an abundance of pandemic pet cats being adopted in the last two years, there’s been a mixed bag of names, with some more ‘human’ like additions taking up most of the top 10 ranking. Here are the most popular cat names in Australia, according to Pawshake.

1. Luna

Fitting for cats with dark features like the night, or brighter features like the moon, Luna took the top spot for female cat names.

2. Charlie

A cute spin on the more traditional name Charles, Charlie was popular amongst most male cats in 2021.

3. Bella

Every parent believes that their child is the most beautiful, so Bella (meaning beautiful in Italian) was a perfect choice for many cat mums and dads.

4. Oscar

With its name having origins of the meaning ‘dear friend’, Oscar is the ideal name to give your newest cat companion.

5. Coco

Whether you’re a fan of high end fashion or all things chocolate, Coco is a sweet name, indeed!

6. Leo

Keeping things in theme here with a big cat inspired name.

7. Molly

If you’ve got a bit of a cheeky girl on your hands, Molly is the ultimate choice! With the name originally having the meaning of rebelliousness and being down to earth.

8. Max

The perfect name for the cats with the most extra personalities!

9. Lily

With originally having meanings of innocence and beauty, if your girl is a little bit more shy and placid than others, Lily is a sweet choice.

10. Simba

The Lion King himself! This Disney inspired name is the ultimate option.


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