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The Most Popular Dog Breeds in Australia

While most fan-favourite breeds reappear on this list year after year, some newcomers have grown in popularity with Aussie families, while previous winners have fallen behind a few spots. You might be surprised by Number One!

 Which breeds are the most popular?

 According to Canstar, these pups have become the Top 10 paw-fect choices for pet lovers.

10. Golden Doodle (or Groodle)

 One of the many Poodle Cross pups that Australians are currently loving, Groodles are known for their flurry fur and affectionate energy.


9. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

 Australians love our Staffys due to their playful nature, athletic build, low-maintenance grooming….and that smile!


8. Maltese Cross

 With so many adorable mixes to choose from, most Maltese Cross dogs are small, short-haired and cuddly, making them the perfect companion for your lap.


7. German Shepherd

 Any German Shepherd lover can tell you that it’s hard to beat the intelligence, loyalty, and excited energy of this loveable breed.


6. Miniature Dachshund

 It’s impossible to say no to a sausage dog! While they might be small in size, their personalities are definitely larger than life.


5. Border Collie

 Border Collies are an incredible choice for Australians who love the great outdoors – they’re easy to train and make a great travelling companion!


4. Labrador

 A favourite for families due to their gentle nature and cuddly build, it’s easy to see why Labradors have been a popular choice year after year.


3. Golden Retriever

 Another friendly breed that loves to say hi to friends, family, and other dogs, Golden Retrievers are always welcoming – just keep an eye on your snacks!


2. French Bulldog

 Consistently growing in popularity with Australian families in recent years, French Bulldogs are especially favoured by apartment livers and first-time dog owners!


And, for Australia’s Number One Dog Breed…

  1. Cavoodle

Cuddly, outgoing, playful, and with an adorable teddy-bear look, Cavoodles have taken the crown as Australia’s most popular dog breed. Crossed between a Poodle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, this curly-haired companion has proven hard to beat!


Did your prized pooch make this year’s list? Whether they’re a Top 10 choice or a hidden gem, keep them happy, healthy, and completely protected from parasites with Pet Lovers Club’s personalised, monthly protection delivered to your door.

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