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The Most Popular Dog Names in Australia

Although our dogs’ names used to be heavily inspired by pop-culture (think Yoda, or Lassie), these days our dogs seem to have names that are much more…human! While this could provide less embarrassment at the dog park, you might find some unexpected attention when trying to call your dog!


What are the top five dog names for males?

According to Mad Paws, the names most often shared by male dogs across Australia are…


5. Archie

For a more formal approach, try Archibald!


4. Milo

This one is definitely easy to remember in Australia.


3. Buddy

Our dogs really are our best friends!


2. Max

This name keeps it short and sweet.


The most popular male dog name was…


  1. Charlie

Charlie was the winning male dog name in Australia this year – and even the most popular overall dog name in Victoria!


What are the top five dog names for females?

Just like the boys, the list of most common names for our female dogs seems to take a human approach.


5. Molly

Dogs respond well to names ending in ‘ee’ sounds – this list seems to prove it!


4. Ruby

This name is becoming a popular choice for parents…and dog parents!


3. Coco

Perfect for dogs with a chocolate coat.


2. Luna

Named after the moon, everyone loves a Luna.


The most popular female dog name was…

  1. Bella


Translated from the word ‘beautiful’, it’s easy to see why Bella was the most popular female dog name – and overall choice – in Australia!


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