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Tips to Help Your Dog Master Reliable Recall

Recall is one of the most important skills that your dog needs to master. Trusting your dog to come when you call them is essential for successful walks and being ready in an emergency.


Why is Recall so Important?

Whether your dog is allowed to play off leash or not, responding when their owner calls is an essential skill for dogs to have so they can stay safe and happy. In an emergency situation, your pet needs to be able to listen to you to keep them away from danger.

Recall also creates a bond between owner and dog to know that your pet will trust you to keep them safe and is prepared for any environment.

Here are some tips to help you stop yelling your pets name 10 times before they listen!


Food is Great Motivation

Just like any training technique, your dog needs to be rewarded for good behaviour with tasty treats that make them want to listen. When you are teaching your dog to respond to their name or a recall command, pack your dog’s favourite treats, and reward them each time they check in with you. It’s also a good idea to have multiple ‘levels’ of treats- for instance, bring different foods that your dog likes, but leave the tastiest, more ‘high-reward’ foods for when they do something really good.

Remember that dogs learn through positive reinforcement, not punishment, so stick to rewarding your pup when they do the right thing.


Avoid ‘Parroting’

If you have found yourself repeating a command over and over again while your dog happily ignores you, you aren’t alone. It’s a common mistake to think that repeating a word will make your dog want to listen, but what can happen is that the command loses meaning.

Try picking a new word and training your dog to listen straight away. Remember to try not to repeat it if your dog doesn’t listen, and instead reward them every time they do.


Play Games

Dog trainers have developed some fun games to teach your dog recall in an effective and engaging way. Do some research to find which ones your dog likes and introduce these games when you are walking or playing with your pet.


Use these tips to make sure your dog is the most well behaved at the dog park!

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