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What’s Your Dog Thinking?

Do you ever wish you could see inside your dog’s brain? Do you ever wonder what they see or what they’re thinking? Well, you’re in luck.

A group of neuroscientists and academics have conducted an experiment in which dogs watch a half-hour video visualising the world from their perspective. Imagine a dog’s video blog: being petted, receiving treats, sniffing, playing, eating or walking on a leash. Each dog’s brain was monitored by special fMRI technology, and these 3 key findings might surprise you!

1. Dogs largely observe actions rather than objects

Us humans are pretty object-obsessed. And it makes sense, when you think about the fact that the English language has ten times as many nouns as verbs! However, the experiment found that dogs’ attention focused more on actions. So, when playing catch for example, humans will focus on the ball, whereas dogs will focus on the action of running after or throwing the ball. Pretty interesting stuff!

 2. Dogs only see in shades of blue and yellow

Could you imagine not knowing the colour of an apple? Or what the colour green looks like? Well, this is the reality for dogs. While we humans see a range of colours in our everyday lives, our dogs can only see in shades of blue and yellow. It’d be pretty cool if we saw the world the same way, but hey, maybe dogs are just big West Coast Eagles fans?

3. The majority of dogs cannot sit still for 30 minutes

Out of all the dogs in the experiment, only two superstar pups could sit through the whole 30-minute video! This may not be that surprising - we know that dogs are hyperactive and love to have a play. But if most dogs can’t stay in one place, that means if they have fleas or ticks, they’re getting everywhere else in the house. Yep, that means the couch where you sit, the bed where you sleep, even in the kitchen where you make your food. Here’s a tip: protect your pup and yourself today with Pet Lovers Club top-quality parasite protection products.

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