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Why We Love Our Dogs So Much!

There are countless reasons to love dogs, it’s difficult to compile them all into one list. With International Dog Day coming up on the 26th of August, now is the perfect time to narrow down the reasons why we love our dogs so much.

Dogs aren’t generally known for their grace and elegance; they are easily one of the goofiest animals in the animal kingdom. We love it when our dogs miss a step when walking up the stairs, when they accidentally get tangled up in their leash while on a walk or fail at jumping up on the couch (even with a running head-start). Our dogs are our perfect angel babies, so when they completely stack it or just do something especially silly, it reminds us that they aren’t completely faultless and we love them for it.

We also love dogs because they always seem to know exactly how to comfort us when we need it the most. If we’ve had a rough day, or if life is getting us down, we can always rely on our canine friends to be there for a head scratch or a belly rub. Science has even proven that by petting a dog, our stress hormone level decreases and dog-human relationships increase the levels of oxytocin, the happy hormone. Another study found that dog owners were significantly less depressed than those without a dog during the Covid-19 pandemic and reported that they had more social support available to them during lockdowns because of owning a pet.

Dogs also play an important role in wider society. Sniffer dogs at airports ensure that our country is safe from unwanted items, guide dogs help those with limited or no vision gain independence and autonomy over their lives, and seizure response dogs that are trained to assist people who are prone to seizures or are epileptic. It’s safe to say that we love the wide variety of tasks that only dogs can undertake to help people who need it.

The biggest reason why we love our dogs is that they love us back! Hearing their excited barks and pitter-patter of feet as we jingle the keys in the front door gives no greater joy, and to have them jump up and lick us as we walk through it is the ultimate showcase of love.

Show your dog some extra love this International Dog Day and remember all the reasons why you are lucky to have them in your life.

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