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Pet Lovers Club is dedicated to improving the health and lifespan of dogs and cats. In 2017, whilst talking with a friend about the confusing topic of fleas and worms we realised that we simply didn’t know how to fully protect our pet, even though we really wanted to.

We thought, there has to be a better way, so we spoke to many friends and family and they consistently raised the same issues.

They told us that the choice of flea and worm products is confusing and they often forgot to give treatment when its due. They were never sure what they were actually treating and they said the price seems high, but worst of all, they simply didn’t know that they were supposed to protect the health of their much loved dogs and cats and their families from these nasty parasites.

Having been in the pet industry for nearly 20 years and a genuine pet lover (presently 2 chocolate Labradors, 2 horses and 11 chickens) I investigated further, and it became very clear that pet lovers genuinely wanted to protect their pets health, have a simple choice …… so my friend Campbell and I, with founding supporters Steve, Lydia, Christian and Judy, started Pet Lovers Club.

Throughout Australia flea, ticks, intestinal worms and heartworm disease are a major cause of every day veterinary visits and they heavily compromise the health and lifespan of thousands of much loved dogs and cats across Australia.

Human families need protection from intestinal worms and fleas too. The thought of children getting tapeworm from the family dog or fleas in the couch is enough to make me want to itch right now.

Pet Lovers Club makes it really simple to protect the health of your much loved pet and your human family too.

Andrew Gleeson

Pet Lovers Club

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"I care about my dogs health and this service really helps"

Evan, NSW

"This is sooo much easier."

Liz, VIC

" ...... I'm not confused anymore. This covers everything."

Rebecca, SA

"Great idea, I'm in."

Tanya, QLD

"Knowing my dog is parasite free gives me peace of mind."

Monique, VIC

"Loving the $$$ savings."

Max, NSW

"No more 'oops I forgot'."

Paula, VIC

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