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How to Travel With Your Pet All Year Round.

There's no better way to enjoy the holidays than a road trip with your pet! Get your dog out of the garden and into the great outdoors, and spend your well-deserved time off soaking up the Sun together. 

What should you do to pup-proof your trip?

To make sure you and your pooch enjoy a trip to remember, here are some simple steps to take before and during your travels.

  1. Get comfortable with the car

Before you depart, you'll want to make sure your dog is happy and comfortable in the car to avoid stress and travel sickness. You can slowly introduce them to travel with short-distance trips (rewarded with a treat, of course) and speak to your vet about treatment for any illness.

  1. Don’t forget to pack

Just like we pack our bags for a trip, your dog has luggage of their own! This includes food, water, a vaccination card, and medication.

  1. Keep an eye on the heat

While travelling as the weather heats up, it's more important than ever to make sure your pet is never left unattended in the car, as the quick, extreme heat means pets can die easily from heat stress, and your dog will also need access to constant fresh water as well and toileting and exercise breaks.

  1. Buckle up

For added safety in the possibility of an accident, make sure your pet is comfortably secure, either in a transport crate or secured by their harness to a seatbelt.

  1. Double-check your details

Especially important if your dog has changed owners, or your address or contact details have updated, make sure to double-check that the info you’ve included in their microchip details is correct.

  1. Get tracking

New environments are extremely fascinating for dogs – but sometimes, they get too curious! In case your dog does do a disappearing act, a GPS tracker attached to their collar will give you peace of mind and let you instantly spot their location thanks to a connected mobile app.

  1. Pup protection

While travel is fun for the whole family, ensuring your pet is fully protected when visiting a new place is essential. By checking with the vet that they're up to date with their vaccines and keeping them protected from parasites with Pet Lovers Club, your pet will be safe and sound to explore their new surroundings!

Which parasites are out there?

New locations can be home to an increased risk of fleas, ticks, and worms, so Pet Lovers Club's monthly, complete and personalised protection will keep your pet safe from these parasites and avoid unpleasant symptoms like itchy skin and allergies, as well as more serious health concerns like tick poisoning and paralysis, heartworm disease, and more.

How do you protect your pet from parasites?

Let us get to know your furry friend with some simple questions, and our vet will recommend the best flea, tick, and worm protection for them. Delivered to your door every month, your Pet Lovers Club subscription is easier than ever to remember – and it can come along on your road trip with you!

With borders opening and the holidays approaching, there's never been a better time to enjoy an incredible road trip shared with your pet. Keep your dog protected, happy, and healthy throughout your travels with Pet Lovers Club!

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