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Cool Cats (and Dogs) - 5 Tips to Keep Your Pets Cool in the Heat

As year-end rolls around, we can finally say goodbye to brisk spring days and welcome the sunshine. And with the intense sunshine that summer brings comes the constant reminders for us to slather up with sunscreen, stay hydrated, and endless advice on how to stay cool. This advice isn’t only for us, however! It’s important that we help our pets stay cool in this heat too. Here are 5 tips to keep your cats and dogs cool this summer.


Keep them hydrated

Our pets can be just like us sometimes; it is as important to keep your cats and dogs hydrated as it is to keep yourself hydrated. No matter where you are, it’s essential that you have plenty of water for your furry friend to drink. If you’re taking your pup out for a walk or a beach trip, be sure that you have enough water to last the whole trip.


To make sure that their water is cooler for longer, fill their bowl with a little bit of water (just about a quarter will suffice) and freeze. Once the water is frozen just take it out and fill the rest with water. The ice will keep the water cool as it slowly melts.


Give them plenty of shade


Not everyone likes playing in the sweltering sunshine. It can be easy for your indoor cats to find a place to hide from the sunshine, but the sun can seem unavoidable for your dog when you take them out to the dog park. They will naturally look for a cool spot to rest. You can provide this by bringing an umbrella, portable sunshade, or even just stringing up a cloth or tarp!


Avoid hot surfaces

If you’d avoid the hot pavement barefoot, you should avoid walking your pets there too! Keep to grassy areas to protect your pet's footpads. Sand can also get too hot for them sometimes, so be sure to be mindful of where you take your furry friends in the sunshine. To be able to tell whether the pavement is too hot for your dog, touch the concrete with the back of your hand for seven seconds. If the surface is too hot for you that you can’t last the full seven seconds, then it is too hot for your dog’s paws.


Stick to early mornings or evenings for outdoor activities

The summer heat can be most intense during the middle of the day. Stick to the cooler hours when taking your pets out to avoid the heated pavement and dehydrating heat and keep them inside during midday if you can. With the sun staying out for longer, it’s easier to enjoy the twilight hours outside.


Frozen treats

Most of us love an icy treat in the summer heat – this is something you can share with your furry friend. Get your pets some “pup-sicles” or other dog-friendly frozen treat to enjoy while you indulge in some ice cream. These can be easily made at home or can be purchased from your favourite pet store.


While you protect your pet from the heat in the warmer months, don’t forget to also protect them from all the problems that come with fleas, ticks, heartworm disease and intestinal worms. Get your parasite protection delivered monthly with Pet Lovers Club!



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